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Original folienverpackt. In 1977 the exhibition skulptur77 took place in Münster, with a complementary part of nine location-related bigger works as contemporary spots in an urban surrounding. This idea was revived in 1987 where the exhibition series Skulptur Projekte in Münster, which is acknowledged worldwide, was founded. Burkhard Spinnen and Eva Pieper-Rapp-Frick wrote "Flagged", a history of 40 years of exhibitions in short examples for the Skulptur Projekte 2017. Using interviews, protocols and researches they show intellectual landmarks. The texts evoke an image of the beginning, the evolution, the changes and the importance of this exhibition series in a simple, but profound way. The reader is invited into the world of an art project, which changes ? at first unnoticed, but from today?s view vehemently - a town and its inhabitants and which, hence, is an example of how art effects the society. WELCOMED I Kasper König's Preface ASSISTED I Editors1 Preface FLAGGED I Authors1 Preface LOCALISED I Banker Ludwig Poullain donated to Münster a modern sculpture and received hardly any gratitude for it ACCOMPLISHED I The dispute over Rickey's sculpture shakes Münster CREATED I Klaus Bußmann is the spiritual father of the Skulptur Projekte ATTACKED ­ Journalist Christian Thomas witnessed the legendary attack on Claes Oldenburg's Pool Balls REVIEWED I The first exhibition as seen through the national press REMEMBERED I Kasper König reminisces about the Skulptur Projekte as a whole, the city of Münster, and individual pieces DECIDED I Jörg Twenhöven experienced up close the birth of the Skulptur Projekte PERMITTED I Josef Sudbrock, Head of Culture Department, LWL, would permit the first Skulptur Projekte DISTURBED I For a long time Klaus Anderbrügge looked at the Skulptur Projekte through the windows of the Schloss AIDED I Florian Matzner was the project manager of the Skulptur Projekte 97 EXPANDED I Sculptor Eduardo Chillida explained to the Lord Mayor, 72 Jörg Twenhöven, what had to be changed in Münster EXPLAINED I Erich Franz gets to the heart of the fundamental idea of the Skulpture Projekte n PROMOTED I What the key figures of the Skulptur Projekte are doing today 79 INHERITED I Britta Peters and Marianne Wagner are the curators for the Skulptur Projekte 17 so WANTED I Two artists were searching for an idea 88 DECLINED I Ayse Erkmen was not permitted to do anything on church property and 90 therefore took the air POSTPONED I Bruce Nauman's "Square Depression" was realised after a thirty-year delay 94 INTERPRETED I Herbert Voigt mediates between Jeremy Deller and allotment holders 96 in Münster BUILT I Joseph Beuys filled a non-space and experienced technical problems 100 PLANTED I Maria Nordman's "De Civitate? worked with and had to obey nature 108 OFFENDED I Katharina Fritsch: "Madonna" The destiny of a sculpture as seen through newspaper reports and readers' letters 114 DISPLACED I Friedrich Meschede supported Rückriem's "Dolomite" and parked Asher's 122 caravan in the wrong place PERFORMED I Actor Samir Kandil played Charles Filch in Dora Garcia's "The Beggar's Opera" 128 RELOCATED I Gallerist Alexander von Berswordt-Wallrabe helped to find a new home for Richard Serra?s sculptures 132 ORDERED I The third Serra sculpture was asked to come to Münster and stayed 138 PURCHASED I The friends of the Landesmuseum decided on a piece of art 141 PRINTED I Gallerist Mike Karstens realised an edition with graphic prints during the 146 Skulptur Projekte 97 PHOTOGRAPHED I Documentation, intention, anecdote. Various views through the lens iso FILMED I Norbert Nowotsch's camera is a silent companion 154 OVERGROWN I herman de vries' ?Sanctuarium" is filling up with nature 157 BURIED I Guillaume Bijl's ?excavated" church spire is buried again 158 DAMAGED I Jenny Holder's benches were soon repaired 162 ADOPTED I The university takes care of artworks that it does not own 164 REBORN I After almost 30 years a sculpture was cloned 168 ORGANISED I Petra Haufschild has been a secretary at the Landesmuseum since 1975 174 ACCOMMODATED I Almost all artists of the first Skulptur Projekte stayed in the 178 "Hotel Central" BRANDED I Andreas Siekmann drastically showed what should not be, and 182 Gail Kirkpatrick put it diplomatically for the City of Münster ADVERTISED I Three questions to Bernadette Spinnen, Head of Münster Marketing 186 LED I The sculpture guidance system explains art via smartphone 189 GUIDED I City guide Timm Richter practised urban history 190 USED I Jorge Pardo's pier at the Aasee is greatly loved and suffers from it 196 SEEN I The Skulptur Projekte, life's milestones 198 INTERVENED I A Ph.D. student of German literature criticised the media 202 DELETED I Preparing an exhibition involves a great deal of communication 206 UNNOTICED I Not everything leaves a mark 299 LOST I Four rather unusual cases of art theft 212 INDEX I PHOTOGRAPH CREDITS I DISTRIBUTION ISBN 9783649627272