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Gutes Ex.; Umschl. stw. geringfügig berieben. - Englisch. // INHALT : inical and Theoretical Perspectives --- Women in the Maze of Power and Rage ROY SCHAFER, PH.D --- Male Sexuality and Power ETHEL SPECTOR PERSON, M.D. --- Two Successful Characterologic Adaptations to Aggression --- HELEN C. MEYERS, M.D. --- The Psychopathology of Hatred OTTO F. KERNBERG, M.D. --- The Early Determinants of Penis Envy LUCY LAFARGE, M.D. --- Assertiveness, Anger, Rage, and Destructive Aggression: --- A Perspective from the Treatment Process PAUL H. ORNSTEIN, M.D., and ANNA ORNSTEIN, M.D. --- Children and Their Development --- Rage toward Self and Others in Early Childhood --- HENRI PARENS, M.D. --- The Development of Anger and Rage MICHAEL LEWIS, PH.D. --- III. Origins and Sources --- Do We Need Enemies? The Origins and Consequences --- of Rage MELVIN j. KONNER, M.D., PH.D. --- Human Aggression: A Perspective drawn from --- Nonhuman Primates LEONARD A. ROSENBLUM, PH.D. --- Aggression: A Neuropsychiatric Perspective FRED OVSIEW, --- M.D., and STUART YUDOFSKY, M.D. --- IV. Historical and Political Expressions --- The Rage of Angels ELAINE PAGELS, PH.D. --- Power KENNETH W. THOMPSON --- Contributors and Editors Index. ISBN 0300052715