circa 16,8 x 10,5 cm., 8 ff., 223 pp.. Old vellum binding over wooden boards (an older remboitage) VD 16 P 2743; Adams W 223; Ferguson II, 554; Duveen 623; Neu 4395. Only edition of this rare alchemical treatise by the somewhat obscure Wittestein who had practised in Piacenza and became physician to Margareta of Austria. He is known for the present book and his "Vera totius medicinae forma" printed by Plantin at Antwerp in 1588. The appended dissertation by Alexander Carerius was first published in 1574 (see Ferguson). Both texts deal with the classical problem of alchemy: how to change metals and especially how to change them into gold. The work is undated but ascribed to 1583 by most authorities.


- Some browning (few quires a little heavier), little staining. Binding without clasps and a bit soiled. Altogether well preserved.